Pioneering Mental Wellness in the Metaverse

[0] is proud to partner with Aura Health, the world's largest all-in-one mental wellness content and coaching marketplace supporting over 7 million users globally winning “Best of Apple” award.

Together, we are collaborating to explore innovative ways to leverage [0]'s immersive metaverse platform and Aura's proven expertise in scaling evidence-based therapeutic modalities to pioneer expanded access to mental health resources.

This partnership brings together Aura Health's experience delivering personalized mindfulness and meditation content alongside a network of certified coaches with [0]'s capabilities to create immersive experience programming optimized for wellness experiences.

Our shared vision is to create the next generation of emotional health support by harnessing the power of presence and embodiment offered in metaverse spaces.

As adoption of metaverse technologies increases, [0] and Aura Health are excited to jointly drive the future of mental healthcare by making emotional wellness care more engaging, accessible, and effective for all.

ØRB Community:

  • [0]'s community of ØRB interoperable metaverse vehicle owners will participate in the development of Mental Health and Wellness programming with AURA

  • ØRB owners will gain access to the ØRB SYSTEM, which delivers immersive art releases and libraries of 360 content.  Content will be viewable in VR in Q1 of 2024

  • More news and developments will be announced soon

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[0]Studio is pioneering Mental Health and Wellness in the Metaverse

Krista Kim, CEO 



Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Krista Kim is an internationally acclaimed artist and speaker who has been featured in exhibitions and media outlets around the world.

She was chosen by Louis Vuitton as a #Louis200 visionary in celebration of the fashion house's 200th birthday. Kim is also a contributing Metaverse Editor for Singapore Vogue, and has been named one of the “Top 30 Most Influential People of the Metaverse” by Read and Write Magazine. Her goal is to build [0] as an example of what the Metaverse can yield for humanity as well as advise companies toward those longer term visions.


“Interoperability around identity and self-expression via assets like avatars, wearables, or even vehicles are fundamental for an open metaverse. By building on that front, we can help to prevent the Metaverse from becoming a dystopic reality.” - Rene Schmidt, Co-founder of Qwellcode
“The metaverse is a new kind of commons, a virtual public realm where artists, architects, and engineers have the unprecedented opportunity to come together and explore new modes of creativity.” - Kirk Finkel [Untitled, xyz], Artist and Architect

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Interact with Krista Kim's avatar through a Storyfile Q&A, where she illustrates the vision for [0] and describes the potential for the Metaverse to uplift humanity.

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